Fee Arrangements

Mr. Sherman's fee arrangements include contingent fees, flat fees, hourly rate engagements, and variations of the foregoing. Mr. Sherman strives for fee arrangements which align his interest with the client.

Mr. Sherman performs a substantial amount of work, in both litigation and transactional settings, based on a contingent or incentive type fee. Most of Mr. Sherman's practice in this regard involves oil and gas matters. Mr. Sherman seeks to tailor contingent or incentive based fees to the particular circumstance, and the parties' imagination is the only limit to arriving at a fair and ethical fee arrangement which aligns the client's interest with the attorney's. Mr. Sherman normally advances out-of-pocket expense in contingent based fee structures, which are often non-recourse to the client.

Mr. Sherman performs a substantial amount of transactional work on a flat fee basis. This provides certainty to the attorney and client and is typically a result based fee. An agreed upon task or project is performed for a set price.

Mr. Sherman performs legal services based on an hourly rate. Mr. Sherman strives to bill clients timely for hourly rate work, and to provide time details which clearly describe the work performed and the charges for the same. Mr. Sherman strives to offer clarity and value for the services rendered.
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